Strawberry Washer 146

The Strawberry Washer 146 is a high-performance fruit cleaning solution designed for impeccable results. Our machine employs precision-engineered brushes, fresh water, and strategically positioned spray nozzles to maximize washing efficiency, ensuring your products meet the highest quality standards.

The 146 is tailored to meet kosher requirements, setting it apart as the preferred choice for quality-conscious customers. Equipped with multiple spray nozzles, it offers comprehensive cleaning coverage while maintaining user-friendly maintenance and design. It handles strawberries gently, preserving their natural attributes and consistently delivering top-tier cleaning results.

Width / Length 1523,2 mm / 2083,87 mm
Height 1627,41 mm
Capacity (strawberries) 6 t/h
Number of brushes 17
Number of nozzles 14
Electrical power 1,5 kW
Sound level 75 dBa
Net. weight 640 kg