Strawberry Capper 145

The 145 Strawberry Capper trims the tops of strawberries and similar products. This machine is extremely suitable for processing a high capacity of strawberries, or any strawberry shaped fruit or vegetable, in an industrial environment. The 145 reduces labour cost and optimizes consistency in product quality.

The conveyor belt, perforated with 20mm holes, houses six different cutting lanes. The strawberries are manually placed upside-down on the holes. The perforated belt runs over a vacuum chamber keeping the strawberries in place. This is an effective way to keep the strawberries in place for the cutting process.

The new circular knife cutting principle produces a clean and reliable cut, minimizing product damage and knife wear. The precision with which the knives cut the product greatly reduces waste. Resulting in a more efficient output of product.

Technical data

  145 Feeding belt
Length 2500 mm 2500 mm
Width 1300 mm 1100 mm
Height 1850 mm 1850 mm
Power 8,4 kW 0,37 kW
Weight 550 kg 325 kg
Capacity 275 kg/h  


Special features

  • High capacity due to 6 cutting lanes
  • Vacuum chamber keeps product in place
  • Circular knife provides clean cut 
  • Minimized product damage