Universal Cutting Machine 26H (Slices)

With this new slicer 26H it is possible to obtain an evenly and precisely sliced product. This machine can cut long products, such as carrots, cucumbers, leek, celery, rhubarb, beetroot (long variety) without head etc. into slices.

The machine is fed via the sliding intake funnel. The following V-shaped conveyor belts isolate the product and alignes it to the slicing station. The belt’s drive is mounted at the side. The belts can be exchanged without removing the drive and redirection station. Just before the product reaches the slicing station it is carried along and pinned down by a powered belt.

The machine has an opening of 90 x 90 mm and is designed for a product with a diameter up to 90 mm.

For cleaning purposes all protection devices, casing elements and the funnel are hinged. All machine elements are within reach. Additional safety switches turn off the machine automatically as soon as the protective cases are opened. The control elements of the switch cabinet are arranged on both sides. That way the machine can be operated from either side. All drives of the machine are frequency controlled. The cutting speed of the slicer 26H is infinitely variable and can be adapted to the product condition. As corresponding blades are employed, the machine can be set up for smooth cut and crinkle cut.

Technical data

– with carrots and 4,0 mm cut 3000 kg /h
– with potatoes and 4,0 mm cut 6000 kg/ h
Total cutting area 2,0 – 30,0 mm
Number of blades with standard cutter heads 16, 20, 24 and 28
Maximum product diameter 90 mm
Power 2,4 kW
Length 3400 mm
Width 760 mm
Height 1150 mm
Weight 350 kg
Sound level 80 dBa


Special features

  • Excellent, uniform cutting quality thanks to new type of blade wheel and a long inlet pipe to sooth the product.
  • All drives are frequency controlled and can be set individually
  • The feed hopper, product discharge chute and the protective cases are hinged for cleaning or they can slide and can be opened without tools, the machine elements that can be opened are equipped with safety switches.
  • Gentle product handling through special discharge hopper to reduce the product exit velocity.
  • Fast and very easy change of all machine elements, the conveyor belts can be replaced without disassembling other parts
  • The machine is made of stainless steel and plastic, except for the drive and bearing elements.