Transportation belt

Conveyors are essential components in any processing line. We have years of experience in constructing them. We can offer you a wide variety of conveyors for different applications.

With the central tube type, several strong central tubes which support the belt. This type is very hygienic and easy to clean, and is used in the food industry.

The mobile conveyor is used for all kinds of applications. There are powered models and models with hydraulic belts, with a winch or manually lifted. Telescopic conveyors have a wide scope, and are compact in the closed position. Optionally, additional conveyors can be added to improve the product flow. If needed, the telescopic conveyor can be equipped with hinges. The dual-conveyor consists of two belts within a single mobile structure. One of the belts can hinge freely underneath the other with the aid of a slewing ring. This way, one can add the product on the upper belt and discharge it through the second belt.

With a plate frame conveyor the belt glides directly over a solid plate. This plate can be metal, plastic or concrete plywood. This is cheaper than roller supports, but has the disadvantage less loading is possible and it’s only suited for small capacities.

The profit frame is recommended for occasional or periodical use. It is equipped with sliding support and is adjustable in height. The belt is easily equipped with additional: sides, accessories, support, detectors, etc.

The belt on a chain conveyor is constructed from plastic or metal modules with traction wheels, which fit in the teeth at the bottom,to provide the drive.

A truss conveyor has a three-dimensional frame which offers a very sturdy construction for it’s weight. This type can span great distances and needs few supporting legs. The conveyor has an open and light frame, but is still strong. This model is ideal for big distances, capacities and speeds. A truss conveyor is suited for roller support. Different models of this type are available (swann neck, Z-shape etc.) in various materials (steel, stainless steel, galvanized). The belts can be supplied in rubber or plastic. It is possible to add carriers or scrapers.

The Z-frame conveyor is best suited for light to medium loads. It is equipped with a Z-shaped plate and roller support. The conveyor allows to add accessories, sides, support, sensors, etc.