Spinach press

The spinach press is used for the dehydration of blanched leafy vegetables such as spinach and other, similar vegetables.

The product enters the machine, via a hopper. Two powered screws compress the product. During this process, the water is squeezed from the product and then discharged. The housing of the screw has a special perforation which ensures that the product does not become damaged during pressing. At the same time it helps avoid a product blockage.

At the discharge, a gate with an adjustable weight is installed for regulating the product compression and thus the dewatering effect. The water removed from the product is stored and then discharged through a central discharge connection piece.

Technical data

Total length 1950 mm
Total width 650 mm
Total height 1100 mm
Entry height 1100 mm
Exit height 660 mm
Weight 450 kg
Power 2,2 kW
Sound level 75 dBa


Special features

  • Dewatering intensity adjustable by means of a gate
  • Careful treatment of the product by means of a special perforation of the screw case
  • Excellent quality of the final product
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Compact and space-saving construction
  • Design in conformity with CE regulations
  • The machine is made of stainless steel and plas-tics, except for the drive and bearing elements.