Destemmer 28

The destemmer of the models 28 BS & C are ideal for removing stalks from or stripping sweet cherries, morello cherries, plums, olives, blackcurrants and redcurrants. The machine can also be used for the final preparation of broad beans, cornichons and pearl onions.

The stalks are removed on a roller bed consisting of individual rubber-coated stalk-removal rollers. These rollers are driven and rotate in pairs towards each other. A driven turning device which spreads the fruits to machine width and turns them is mounted above the roller screen. The stalks and leaves come into the working range of the stalk-removal rollers, are intercepted by them, detached from the fruit and removed downwards. A spraying device for washing and cleaning the products with fresh water is located above the turning device.

For cleaning and maintenance work the entire turning device can be released and removed by means of quick-action closures. Special-purpose rubber roller covers with different surface structures are available for hard products such as sulphurized cherries etc.

The destemmer is available with varying widths for different capacity requirements.

Technical data

Type 28 BS 28 C
Capacity with cherries with stalks 1500 kg/h 1400 kg/h
Water consumption 1,0 m³/h 1,0 m³/h
Water supply connection 3/4″ 3/4″
Power 3,3 kW 3,3 kW
Length 2500 mm 2500 mm
Width 1300 mm 1100 mm
Height 1850 mm 1850 mm
Number of rollers 51 35
Weight 550 kg 325 kg


Special features

  • Suitable for use with deep-frozen products
  • Deliverable with profiled rubber coverings for hard products
  • Automatic drive-chain tensioning
  • Protective product handling with rubber guides
  • Completely rustproof construction. Drive and bearings housed in plastic
  • Simple, quick stalk plucking roller replacement
  • Easy dismantling of the reversing facility
  • Can be equipped with automatic lifting facility for the reversing