Cutting machine (length)

This cutting machine can cut all types of root vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, red beets and celery. It can also cut cucumbers, apples, onions, white cabbage and other fruits in slices, strips or cubes.

This completely new construction has an innovative cutting cassette, which was designed to adapt to different types of cuts quickly and easily and to minimize production downtime. It only takes a couple of minutes to assemble or disassemble the entire cutting station. The flat knife and the circular knife shaft are cased and can be taken out of the machine as a complete unit. It only takes a couple of steps to disassemble the chopping knife.

The product is fed into the cutting station via the feeding hopper and a rotor. The station is comprised of a flat knife for cutting slices, a circular knife shaft for cutting strips and the chopping knife shaft for dicing. You can create various types of cuts by adding or removing individual cutting stations. We can deliver devices for cutting strips with specific lengths; devices for cutting different lengths are also available.

The rotor, circular knife shaft and dicing roller are directly operated by separate, frequency regulated motors. Trouble-prone drive belts, or cogs are not used. You can choose different speeds for all of the drives.

Technical data

Capacity with cubes (10 x 10 x 10 mm) 3500 kg /h
Standard sizes  
– With slices 2,0 – 14 mm
– With stripes 2,4 – 12 mm
– With cubes 2,4 – 12 mm
Diameter rotor 350 mm
Inner width rotors 220 mm
Max. product diameter with 4-winged pipe tot 150 mm
Power 4,45 kW


Special features

  • Quick and easy changing and inspecting of cutting aggregates via cassette plug system
  • Low-wear and easy to service due to direct drive
  • All drives are frequency regulated. All drives can be evenly varied by coupling the frequency regulations.
  • No different sizes in cuts due to variations of speeds; the speeds of the motor drives are kept constant via an electronic surveillance system. Variable speed of dicing roller for different cube sizes.
  • Feeding hopper and exit chute can be removed for cleaning and can be opened without tools. All machine elements with hinges have safety swit-ches.
  • Machine is made of stainless steel and plastic, except for the drives and bearing elements. (No red casting brass).