Bean cutter 11

This bean cutter is designed for cutting whole green beans. The model 11 is equipped with an axis with round blade and is used for longitudinal cuts. The model 11A is provided with a cleaver-axis and is suitable for horizontal cutting. A conversion kit is available to switch to the other cutting manner.

With this bean cutter, the beans are transported through a filling hopper. This hopper is equipped with guiding plates. These plates ensure that only the correctly aligned beans can continue on to the underlying cutting station. A powered sorting shaft aligns de beans and makes sure there are no product blockages. A rubber roller, opperating near the cutting station, assures the product is cut correctly.

The vibrating channel of the bean cutter provides a uniform product flow, the guiding rails help to vertically align the product.

Technical data

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Type 11 11 A
Capacity (green beans) max. 3500 kg/h max. 4000 kg/h
Cutting size depending on number of knives 4 mm 27 mm
  5 mm 33 mm
  6 mm 44 mm
    50 mm
    55 mm
    65 mm
Power 5,5 kW 5,5 kW
Water usage 0,5 m³/ h 0,5 m³/ h
Sound level 75 dBa 75 dBa
Net. weight 640 kg 680 kg