Air sifter 32

This air sifter (models 031C, 032A, 033A) is suitable for the dry cleaning of products such as peas, green beans, white beans, lima beans, flageolets. Lighter components are separated, according to their specific weight, by means of a fan. The air is blown into the airshaft from underneath.The product is brought into the airstream by a vibrating plate. The lighter elements, mixed in with the product, are blown into the exhaust ducts who are conected to the blower compartment. The product moves over a sieve in the airshaft towards the exit. The airflow can be adjusted to the type of product.

Technical data

  Type 032 A
Capacity max. 10.000 kg/u
Air capacity max. 10 m³/s
Fan speed 315 – 1.200 per min.
Total power 8 kW
Sound level 80 dBA
Total width, height, depth 1.790 x 3.700 x 2.800 mm
Netto weight 780 kg



  • The product enters the machine through a vibrating grid so that it is evenly distributed over the entire width of the air shaft. The slope of the screen can be adapted to the product.
  • A long air shaft ensures that a clear distinction is made between light and heavy elements.
  • The fan speed is adjustable, 1 : 4
  • Due to the slower speed of the fan-wheel there is less noise pollution