Cutting machine 130S

This cutting machine 130S was developed to cut spinach, kale, leek, tomatoes, peppers, chives, orange peels, etc.

The product is transported to the cutting station via a conveyor. A roller presses the product against te conveyor belt. The product is then cut into strips by circular knives. Then the strips are cut into cubes by a cleaver. The cleaver can be removed so the product is not cut down further.

The cut product leaves the machine through the exiting chute. The force with which the vegetables are cut can be adapted to the diameter of the product. The cutting machine 130S was made so that the transport roller, the circular knives and the cleaver can easily switch to a different cutting size. With this cutting machine 130S, we guarantee a careful handling of the product during cutting.

Technical data

Type130130 S
Capacity when cutting slices 10 x 10 mmmax. 2500 kgmax. 3500 kg
Standard sizes
– With strips, width4,0 – 30,0 mm4,0 – 30,0 mm
– With slices, length6,0 – 40,0 mm6,0 – 50,0 mm
Power3,0 kW4,0 kW
Width260 mm370 mm
Product entry height(depending on the product, without roller)14,5 mm19,5 or 50 mm
Weight275 kg380 kg

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