Washer 48A

This washer 48A is suited for washing almost all kinds of fruit and vegetables. The products are pushed under water by rotating paddles which are mounted in the washer. This machine is especially good with products which have to be cleaned very gently but thoroughly, such as strawberries, cherries, grapes, mushrooms, leafy vegetables, etc.

The washer was designed as a self-supporting stainless steel construction with overflow and cleaning flap. An offloading conveyor, equipped with sturdy support elements, is mounted to the washer. To circulate the washing water, the machine is fitted with a powerfull air jet. An extra paddle unit can be installed if desired.

The intensive but gentle washing effect is achieved by blowing compressed air into the water. The washed product is carried out of the machine via a diagonal conveyor in the trough. The discharge belt can be lengthened on demand so it can be used as an inspection section at the same time. At the discharge side additional fresh water sprays are installed.

Technical data

With conveyorWith inspection conveyor
Total length4460 mm6470 mm
Total width1250 mm1250 mm
Total height2280 mm2280 mm
Length inspection conveyor2200 mm
Actual width845 mm845 mm
Power jet3,32 kW3,12 kW
Net. weight620 kg740 kg

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