Roller grader 601

This roller grader is suitable for precise thickness grading with cucumbers, Brussels sprouts, beetroot, carrots crops, olives, gooseberries, plums, cherries and similar products. The machine is mainly made of stainless steel. The chassis is made of stainless, hollow profiles.

The product is evenly distributed over the infeed chute of the sorting grid. Dividers align the product, and distribute it over the whole width of the grid. The sorting grid consists of several, transverse rollers, who are suspended between two synchronously rotating, jackscrews. The rollers transport the product over a grid.

The increasing slope of the jacks in the roller grader, creates different sorting slots where the product is graded through, into gutters or onto conveyor belts. The rotation of the transverse rollers supports the sorting effect. Stepless adjustable partitions on a conveyor provide an individual thickness screening.

Technical data

Type601 B601 C
Sorting speed0,16 – 0,8 m/s0,16 – 0,8 m/s
Width sorting slot10 – 100 mm10 – 100 mm
Total sorting width1600 mm1600 mm
Total sorting length2130 mm2630 mm
Power needed1,5 kW1,5 kW
Total weight1000 kg1000 kg

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