Infeed hopper

An infeed hopper is placed in front of a processing line, to assure a uniform and continuous flow of products. The products can be brought into the hopper through a crate turner or wheel loader.

Technical data

Capacity6,0 m³8 m³12 m³16 m³
Length4735 mm5640 mm7740 mm9650 mm
Width2750 mm2750 mm2750 mm2750 mm
Height2350 mm2350 mm2350 mm2350 mm
Height of the hold1000 mm1000 mm1000 mm1000 mm
Width of the hold2000 mm2000 mm2000 mm2000 mm
Transporting speed1,3-7,8 m /h1,3-7,8 m /h1,3-7,8 m /h1,3-7,8 m /h
Power1,12 kW1,12 kW1,12 kW1,12 kW

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