Cutting machine 26T

The new cutting machine of the 26-line was designed to cut potatoes and similar products into wedges. The product enters the machine via the movable feeding hopper. The V-shaped conveyor belts transport it towards the cutting part of the machine. The drives of the belts are located on the side of the feed hopper so that the conveyor belts can be replaced without having to remove the drive. The machine is suitable for products with a diameter of 30 up to 65 mm. It can be adjusted to split products in 3, 4 or 5 wedges. All security units are attached with hinges so that they can be opened during cleaning. All elements of the machine are within reach. When security cabinets are opened the power is cut off immediately to avoid accidents. All drives are equipped with frequency control. The cutting speed is variable and can be adapted to the type of product.

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