Brush washer 49T

This brush washer 49T is very suited to wash peppers, but also other products, like cucumber, apples or carrots. The product enters the rotating drum through an entry chute. The washing is done by high pressure jets of water. The product is rotated and brushed intensively. Small dirt particles leave the drum with the dirty washing water. The maximum water level is limited by an overflow.

Technical data

Type49 T49 TS
Total length3750 mm4040 mm
Total width1230 mm1870 mm
Total height1300 mm1600 mm
Entry height1300 mm1350 mm
Discharge height700 mm600 mm
Drum diameter900 mm1200 mm
Drum length2700 mm3000 mm
Number of brushes4866
Power1,5 kW1,5 kW

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