Bean cutter 12A

This bean cutter 12A is used for crosscutting whole green beans and wax beans, for the production of broken beans, and carrots with a diameter up to 20 mm. A special model of this machine is able to process salsify and peeled, topped asparagus.

In the rotating hopper, the product is aligned and cut into pieces by a fixed cutting station (Knife holder and knifes, the number of which is variable depending on the predetermined cutting size) The cutting chambers are cleared with an air nozzle.

Technical data

Capacity (green beans)max. 2500 kg/h
cutting sizes (depending on spacing and number of knives)10; 20; 30; 60 mm
12,5; 25; 37,5; 50 mm
17,5; 35; 52,5 mm
Speed drum9 – 26 rpm
Power1,5 kW
Sound level75 dBa
Net. weight460 kg
Standard drum diameter1750 mm
Special drum diameter2000 mm

Special features

  • Precise, linear cut
  • Few end pieces, therefore high product yield on diverse products
  • Variable speed allows optimum adaptation of the machine
  • Low noise, durable, easy to maintain
  • Frequency control
  • Quick and very simple change and check of the cutting knifes
  • Equipped with safety system which releases the knives and stops the machine when a foreign object makes its way into the machine
  • The machine is made of stainless steel, except for the drive and bearing elements

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