Pea processing

Processing line for peas

Herbort Pea processing line

Several machines can be added or removed from this pea processing line. The setup can be changed to meet your needs. This example contains:

This universal stock and supply bunker can be used for all kinds of products. It is placed in front of a processing line in order to ensure a uniform and continuous product stream.
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We move your product from point A to B. For this we offer different types of conveyor belts. Also, dewatering, sorting, product inspection on the conveyor are among the possibilities.
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This air sifter (models 031C, 032A, 033A) is suitable for the dry cleaning of products such as peas, green beans, white beans, lima beans, flageolets. Lighter components are separated, according to their specific weight, by means of a fan.
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This flotation washer has been developed for the washing of peas and other, similar products. The product is washed extensively so that stone, dirt, leaves, pods parts and whole pods are removed. The peas are washed in a water stream. The products arrive in a container where water enters from below. The products arrive in the raid container, where water from the bottom inflow. The product is spread over the full width of the flotation washer and then fed to the stone trap.
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