Cherry processing

Processing line for cherries

Herbort cherry processing line

Several machines can be added or removed from this cherry processing line. The setup can be changed to meet your needs. This example contains:

This washer 48A is suited for washing almost all kinds of fruit and vegetables. The products are pushed under water by rotating paddles which are mounted in the washer. This machine is especially good with products which have to be cleaned very gently but thoroughly, such as strawberries, cherries, grapes, mushrooms, leafy vegetables, etc.
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We move your product from point A to B. For this we offer different types of conveyor belts. Also, dewatering, sorting, product inspection on the conveyor are among the possibilities.
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The destemmer of the models 28 BS & C are ideal for removing stalks from or stripping sweet cherries, morello cherries, plums, olives, blackcurrants and redcurrants, and for final preparation of broad beans, cornichons and pearl onions.
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This pit remover is best suited for removing pits and stones from fruit such as sweet and sour cherries, yellow plums, greengages, plums, apri-cots, etc. The machine is fitted with a pitting drum to process small products.
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This roller grader is suitable for precise thickness grading with cucumbers, Brussels sprouts, beetroot, carrots crops, olives, gooseberries, plums, cherries and similar products. The machine is mainly made of stainless steel. The chassis is made of stainless, hollow profiles.
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